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Don't talk about politics with me

Today millions of Malaysians will go out and cast their vote on ballot papers. Today, as one newspaper put it, “Malaysia decides”. But that is today. I’m more concerned about the past week or two in this post rather than what will happen today. Some friends of mine here in Kota Damansara, whom I share […]

Living ever closer together, ever stranger to each other..

When I was a kid, I knew everyone in my housing area. Back then, it was a Government quarters and has around 14 houses and 14 families live there. I know all of them. Some only vaguely but mostly I know them well. My siblings and I always go out of the house everyday, playing […]

Warning: IB kills

So said my friend Jon Mah‘s messenger status message. Looking at how many things we have to do, how short the given time for all those tasks, how many simultaneous works that need our mental focus all at the same time, it may well be a legitimate warning. But strangely (and not for my best […]

Some of us are university students already..!

“Society has rules. And the first rule is you go to college. You want to have a happy and successful life? You go to college. If you want to be somebody, you go to college. If you want to fit in, you go to college.” The above are some lines from the movie Accepted. Last […]

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