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The art and skill of self discovery

No, this is not the search-your-own-soul kind of self discovery. This is about the more literal meaning of self discovery, which is discovering things on your own (that really does translate to self discovery, right?). I’d say that this is one of the most important skills that can bring you far in life. It makes […]

Come walk with me

I’ve started walking to school (about 1.5km away) every morning since the first day of this semester. A lot of people have asked me why. Here’s a bunch of reasons why. Primarily, I walked to school everyday to train and get myself used to walking a distance with a load on my back (the first […]

Multi-racial Malaysia

I have been asked “What is the meaning of a multi-racial Malaysia to me?” Being multi-racial does not mean the same thing to every multi-racial country e.g. Singapore claims to be multi-racial but basically it is a predominantly Chinese State. Because of the refusal of the descendants of migrants from China and India to be […]

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

The Carnegie Mellon University has a tradition of having its professors to give a talk titled “The Last Lecture”. The talk was basically for the professor to imagine that should it be their last lecture, what would they want to say to the audience and what legacy they want to leave behind. When it came […]

Cikgu Mazlyana’s wedding & my 220km ride

Cikgu Mazlyana (my Add Maths teacher) got married today. Me together with Anep, Pikok, Jannah, Maryam, Faiz, Jaja, Apis, and Syafiq Wahab went to her house in Teluk Intan yesterday and stayed overnight there. Prior to going there, there was a lot of suggestions for the transportation to go there. After much thinking and changing […]

Cikgu Faizal’s Wedding

Me, Cherap, Maryam, Faridah, Macha, Ammar Anuar, Mukhriz and Safiqah went to Cikgu Faizal’s wedding today in Rawang. Me and Maryam went out from D’Shire at around 10, took taxi to Kelana Jaya LRT station, took LRT to KL Sentral, waited for the rest there and took KTM Komuter to Rawang. After exactly 44 minutes […]

5 Things Not Many People Know About Me

In response to Renee’s post, here are my version of 5 things about me that not many people know. At the end of this post, there’ll be a list of 5 persons who must continue this game and write about their 5 things that not many people know about them. 1. I like stargazing This […]

A Response to Fitna

If this post is really my response to “Fitna”, I would agree if you’d say that it’s a late reply. But it is not. This post is taken from, who posted it just one day after the publishing of the “Fitna” film. I found the message is truly profound, and really does reflect the […]

A good example why we should respect others

This picture is taken in front of D’Shire Apartment at a junction heading into a housing area by using my phone Sony Ericsson K550i. Obviously somebody’s not happy, and another somebody is not gonna be happy. Perhaps next time when you want to park at a corner like that, you’ll think twice. And while I’m […]

So the Opposition wins big time

Yes, and they have every reason to celebrate and rejoice. And it bothers me. Not that it’s not good that the Opposition is becoming stronger, they’ll provide a better check-and-balance system to the ruling coalition, among others. So, it’s not the fact that the Opposition wins a lot of seats that bothers me. I don’t […]

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