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Eid Mubarak

I would like to wish Eid Mubarak to my family and relatives back home, friends, muslim readers of this website, and all of the muslim ummah in Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, and anywhere else in the world. Eid Mubarak from me in Auckland, […]

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

The Carnegie Mellon University has a tradition of having its professors to give a talk titled “The Last Lecture”. The talk was basically for the professor to imagine that should it be their last lecture, what would they want to say to the audience and what legacy they want to leave behind. When it came […]

A Response to Fitna

If this post is really my response to “Fitna”, I would agree if you’d say that it’s a late reply. But it is not. This post is taken from, who posted it just one day after the publishing of the “Fitna” film. I found the message is truly profound, and really does reflect the […]

Living ever closer together, ever stranger to each other..

When I was a kid, I knew everyone in my housing area. Back then, it was a Government quarters and has around 14 houses and 14 families live there. I know all of them. Some only vaguely but mostly I know them well. My siblings and I always go out of the house everyday, playing […]

Of wild dogs and stray cats

It was in a McD restaurant in Langkawi, about 3 weeks ago, and an Arab girl – about 7 years old – was kicking a cat although she tried to run and hide under the tables. The parents just watch their daughter mercilessly beating this animal up. Another guy saw this and was so mad […]


My sister came home in Ipoh from her house in Langkawi, and this is what we got ourselves into: It’s basically a design that can be printed on paper and folded into those up there. We downloaded them from, printed it, folded it and took pictures! Haha..okay, the last part was me. My sis […]

And my sister got 8A's

PMR results is out today, and my sister is one of those who went to school to collect the results. Yea, the title says it pretty clear: she got 8A’s. Yea, everyone’s happy and people will start asking my mother what did she get and my mother will be able to tell them without hesitating […]

Yon's new house

I was quite shocked to see my sis new house..damn big…When I went there she and her husband had just moved in to the new house for several days. Since there are a lot of things to install first (like place for toiletries, blinds, etc.) they have yet to unpack the whole things and get […]

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