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Cikgu Faizal’s Wedding

Me, Cherap, Maryam, Faridah, Macha, Ammar Anuar, Mukhriz and Safiqah went to Cikgu Faizal’s wedding today in Rawang. Me and Maryam went out from D’Shire at around 10, took taxi to Kelana Jaya LRT station, took LRT to KL Sentral, waited for the rest there and took KTM Komuter to Rawang. After exactly 44 minutes […]

A good example why we should respect others

This picture is taken in front of D’Shire Apartment at a junction heading into a housing area by using my phone Sony Ericsson K550i. Obviously somebody’s not happy, and another somebody is not gonna be happy. Perhaps next time when you want to park at a corner like that, you’ll think twice. And while I’m […]

Earth does not need saving. We do.

38 years ago, as many as 20 million Americans participated in rallies and demonstrations on behalf of the Earth. 38 years ago on this day the first celebration known as Earth Day is celebrated in the United States of America. Today, people around the world observe this day. But not everyone, of course. But that’s […]

So the Opposition wins big time

Yes, and they have every reason to celebrate and rejoice. And it bothers me. Not that it’s not good that the Opposition is becoming stronger, they’ll provide a better check-and-balance system to the ruling coalition, among others. So, it’s not the fact that the Opposition wins a lot of seats that bothers me. I don’t […]

Don't talk about politics with me

Today millions of Malaysians will go out and cast their vote on ballot papers. Today, as one newspaper put it, “Malaysia decides”. But that is today. I’m more concerned about the past week or two in this post rather than what will happen today. Some friends of mine here in Kota Damansara, whom I share […]

Of wild dogs and stray cats

It was in a McD restaurant in Langkawi, about 3 weeks ago, and an Arab girl – about 7 years old – was kicking a cat although she tried to run and hide under the tables. The parents just watch their daughter mercilessly beating this animal up. Another guy saw this and was so mad […]


Okay, so today I ordered my usual favourite McD set: the large Spicy Beef Foldover set. Right, but that isn’t the main point of this post. Look at the receipt below, what the arrow points at. Coincidence? Of course. Cool? Definitely. Haha.. just sharing. 😉

Damn those fire ants!!

I was scanning something for my friend tonight, and that was when I saw those little red creatures crawling inside my scanner! Damn it. Damn all those fire ants. I spent the next two hours trying to rid them off my scanner. Sucked them using vacuum cleaner, sprayed insecticide on cotton swab and put it […]

LIMA 2007

I just came back from Langkawi tonight, after an hour in ferry and 5 hours in bus (heck, that’s what I dun like going to Langkawi: have to spend a lot of time on the road). So finally, after sleeping and waking up and sleeping again and wake up again and again and again in […]


I’ll be going to Langkawi today! Tomorrow and the next day I’ll be going to see the LIMA exhibition. After the event was first started in 1991 (heck, it’s almost as old as I am), finally I’ll be going to see it. LIMA is held once in every two years, and it’s the ninth edition […]

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