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Warning: IB kills

So said my friend Jon Mah‘s messenger status message. Looking at how many things we have to do, how short the given time for all those tasks, how many simultaneous works that need our mental focus all at the same time, it may well be a legitimate warning. But strangely (and not for my best […]

Of 'furst' and 'hirt'

Have you guys ever wondered how words’ spelling are constructed? From what I can fork out off my brain at this very moment is that spelling is there for us to distinguish words when we’re writing. It’s also there as a guide to how to pronounce the word. Okay, that’s fine, but what if the […]

And my sister got 8A's

PMR results is out today, and my sister is one of those who went to school to collect the results. Yea, the title says it pretty clear: she got 8A’s. Yea, everyone’s happy and people will start asking my mother what did she get and my mother will be able to tell them without hesitating […]

Some of us are university students already..!

“Society has rules. And the first rule is you go to college. You want to have a happy and successful life? You go to college. If you want to be somebody, you go to college. If you want to fit in, you go to college.” The above are some lines from the movie Accepted. Last […]

Petronas Educamp (Dec 2006)

I posted this entry in my old blog before, and it received many hits from those who will be participating in Petronas Educamp, with a lot of encouraging comments. So I decided it’ll be useful for those who’ll be going to the next educamp, so here I post it again in this new blog 🙂 […]

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