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XHTML/CSS Tutorial: 1 – Introduction

This is the first post of the XTHML/CSS tutorial series. By the end of this tutorial series, it is intended that you will be able to code or write websites using XHTML and CSS codes. This tutorial assumes that you know nothing about how to create website, and so I will start explaining everything from […]

The art and skill of self discovery

No, this is not the search-your-own-soul kind of self discovery. This is about the more literal meaning of self discovery, which is discovering things on your own (that really does translate to self discovery, right?). I’d say that this is one of the most important skills that can bring you far in life. It makes […]

Why, why, why!?

Okay, I went a bit maniac today asking Jon this one question and keep on asking him, “Why Jon, why?!” repeatedly that I think I must have annoyed him. We were in Maths class today when near the end Mr Masukor talked about how numbers are represented in calculators and computers and how dumb they […]

VAIO, welcome to my life

Okay, I’m not doing justice to my new VAIO. This post deserves more words and more pictures than I’ve put in the original post. So here is the edited, much better post! The story starts this way. Petronas gave us RM3500 for computer, and almost every other Petronas scholars here in Sri KDU have got […]

Just a little DVD+R Review

Okay, so I have downloaded too many movies and seasons of TV Shows that my 320GB hard disk is running out of free space. So I decided to burn them out onto piles of DVDs to clear out my hard disk but not lose them. My DVD writer supports up to 16x writing speed (and […]

How to download music via Google

I do not in any way endorse piracy. If you like it, buy it! Most of us music downloaders, have used various means to download those favourite tunes from somewhere on the internet to our little computer. Most of the time, we use Peer to Peer (P2P) software like Limewire or Ares, but P2P works […]

Damn those fire ants!!

I was scanning something for my friend tonight, and that was when I saw those little red creatures crawling inside my scanner! Damn it. Damn all those fire ants. I spent the next two hours trying to rid them off my scanner. Sucked them using vacuum cleaner, sprayed insecticide on cotton swab and put it […]

Playing with PHP a bit

I was picking up on PHP and while I’m on the for and while loops topic, I thought of this: A student was caught cheating during a class quiz. Then, as a punishment, the teacher asked him to write “I am a bad person, I cheated, and I will never do it again” for 3000 […]

A host of new stuffs

Just recently, I got myself a new keyboard, a new mouse, new mousepad, and a new pendrive. Time to say goodbye to the old stuffs. My old keyboard is a standard issue RM18 keyboard those people at the computer shop usually give you when you buy a new computer. I’ve been using it for two […]

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