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Truss Bridge Project

Pardon me for the lack of new updates to this blog. I’ve been rather busy lately with university projects and workload, and still gonna be even busier now that the final exam is only a week away. Anyways, I’ve just finished the last project for this semester, the Truss Bridge project for the Introduction to […]

Queensland Malaysians for Unity

This is a very nice video made by the Malaysian community in Queensland, Australia in conjunction with the 2009 National Day celebration. Kudos to those involved in the making of the video! Things are rather quiet here in Auckland…

Our country has a learned society. What next?

Just ten years ago, everybody aspires to be a University student, every parent will be damn proud if their kids got into any university, even more proud if it’s an overseas university. Ten years ago, people regard university graduates highly, and they can find and secure jobs fairly easily. Ten years ago, university is the […]

Shoot ’em ghosts!

In the previous post I talked about Academic Earth and the free availability of video lectures from many of the world’s top scholars from the likes of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and so on. And I also did mention that I am actually taking the Computer Science 50 course from Harvard through these online video lectures. […]

Academic Earth

You don’t need to go to Harvard, or Stanford, to learn from the world’s best universities. Thanks to the internet, you can do exactly that in the comfort of your own home. Around 2007, prestigious universities like Stanford, Yale, Harvard, MIT and Princeton started to make video recordings of a few complete series of lectures […]

A little update from Auckland

Hello everyone. This is my first post from Auckland, New Zealand, and it’ll just be a quick update of life here in Auckland. I’m still settling in and adjusting to the new place, environment, weather, people, system, and culture here in Auckland, so I’ll write more proper posts when I’m more settled in. I’m currently […]

Useful (free) softwares for college and university education

No lengthy introduction, straight to the point. In this post I want to recommend 3 useful sofwares that can be of great help to you if you are currently studying in college or university. All these three softwares can be downloaded legally for free. FreeMind FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software that lets you […]

Graphene Mobile Neo