AMO localization (ms)

I am currently heading the translation of the Mozilla Add-ons website into the Malay language. There’s a few reasons why I decided to do this:

  1. I was too free. (Not anymore)
  2. The latest upcoming Firefox 3.5 has over 70+ languages, including Bahasa Indonesia. The Mozilla Add-ons website even has translations for Suomi, Euskara, Dansk, and Cestina, among others. I bet this is the first time you heard of those 4 languages, but somebody among the people speaking those languages cared enough to help translate the website into their own language. But Malay is not one of them. I, as a Malaysian, surely wish our national language can be there too.
  3. It’s my first step and probably a good introduction into the Mozilla community, since software and website localization does not require the level of serious programming developing those softwares do. I’ll probably (and certainly wish to) join their development team later in the future, when I have a better grasp of serious programming.
  4. So that our fellow Malaysians who are not so comfortable with English can have better access to all the wonders those add-ons made available to our beloved Firefox browser.

Of those four, I would like to highlight the first one. I used to be too free, but not anymore. The first stage of translating the website requires translating more than 1000 lines of message strings, and I’ve done roughly around 20% of them. I could really (and gladly) use some help from you kind-hearted reader. So drop a comment below or contact me if you wanna help. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy to do and I’ll explain all the technicalities (not much of them, anyways).

Oh, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a malay, chinese, or indian, or any other ethnicities. As long as you know the malay language, you’re good to go. About half the people working on Firefox 3.5 translation is non-malay anyways. So go on, let me know your kind desire 🙂