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Graphene 1.7: What to know before upgrading

As at this time of writing, Graphene 1.7 has been sent up the pipe to the Theme Repository. Here’s what you should know before you upgrade. Note though that it might take anywhere from several hours to several weeks before the theme is published on the repository, as each theme is reviewed by the […]

Bog, rockfaces, and stars – the Kauaeranga Valley hike

I was desperate to get out of the city and into the bushes. Sitting and working in front of the computer day after day after day really sap the life and enthusiasm out of you. I needed a break, and cities with their concrete jungles just won’t do it for me. So I invited a […]

How monitors produce colour

You might have known already that most monitors produce colours using a combination of only 3 colours. Those three colours are red, green, and blue, and that is what RGB stands for. In most monitors, each pixel is divided into three subpixels, with each subpixel displaying one of the three colours. Each subpixel can vary […]

Graphene Mobile Neo