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Graphene Theme Feature Highlight: Action Hooks Widget Areas

Starting with version 1.5 of the Graphene theme, a new options tab called “Advanced” is added to the theme’s options page. The highlight of this tab is a new option called “Action Hooks Widget Areas”. The Advanced tab in the theme’s options page is really reserved for options that require proper understanding of what goes […]

Small country, big innovations

New Zealand is a small country, spanning just about 240 000 square kilometres in area, just slightly bigger than the United Kingdom. It’s population is even smaller – just over 4 million people as of the 2006 census (the UK has about 60 million people). And even though this country is perhaps better known for […]

Get a pet project

When I was in college doing my International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, I used to complain a lot about how so diversified the topics of study are, so much so that it’s difficult to really be good at any one of them. More is not always better I would start my day with a Mathematics class, […]

Graphene Mobile Neo