A speck of dust

All of humanity’s existence is but a blip, a mere speck of dust against a backdrop of stars.

From the dawn of human existence, from Adam to Aristotle, from Ptolemy to Avicenna, from Copernicus to Galileo, from Newton to Einstein, and to the end of it – however that may be – all the whole of it is but a tiny quark against the galaxies of the universe.

Yet humanity concerns itself with matters that are way beyond laughable given this context, so true it is then that ignorance is bliss. He struts about his daily life, bickering and warmongering, fooling himself into believing that he wields such a power, until that blip disappears forever and that speck of dust obliterated to nothingness, not even a trace mention in the history of the worlds.

Yet some, some peers through his pipes and glasses, through the thick veil that envelopes his world and see beyond his existence. So much grandeur, so much power, so much wonder, so much mystery. Alas, so short a lifetime is, for he can only dream of one day taking to the stars. One day that may never come.

But man, no matter how he wishes to escape this illusion of power, this illusion that he is the master of the worlds, must earn a place in his society. So he struts along, avoiding most of the bickering and warmongering for he knows of its pointlessness, but strapped nonetheless in the mighty currents of arrogance. After all, if all of humanity’s existence is but a blip and a mere speck of dust, what then is a single man?


Why you should use the support forum for support

Shortly after the initial public release of the Graphene theme, I have decided to only entertain support requests for the theme via the dedicated Support Forum.

I have since ignored support requests using the comments forms on this blog, as well as direct requests via the contact form on this site.

However, despite placing direct warning and notice that says all support requests via the comment and contact form will be ignored, there are still support requests sent this way until today. So I thought maybe it’s time I provide an explanation as to why I insist on using the Support Forum for the Graphene theme support requests. (more…)


Graphene 1.6: What to know before upgrading

With the imminent release of Graphene 1.6, here’s what you should know before you upgrade.

At the time of publishing of this post, I have already submitted Graphene 1.6 to the WordPress.org Theme Repository. However,  you should know that it might take anywhere from several hours to several weeks before the theme is published on the repository, as each theme is reviewed by the WordPress Theme Review Team before they are made live. In the mean time, let’s see what Graphene 1.6 has in store for you, and where it might trip you up. (more…)


Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia new year trip, 2011-2012


Graphene Theme Feature Highlight: Action Hooks Widget Areas

Starting with version 1.5 of the Graphene theme, a new options tab called “Advanced” is added to the theme’s options page. The highlight of this tab is a new option called “Action Hooks Widget Areas”.

The Advanced tab in the theme’s options page is really reserved for options that require proper understanding of what goes under the hood of WordPress in order to use them properly. But as you’ll see, the “Action Hooks Widget Areas” option is built such that it doesn’t actually require you to understand much about how WordPress works behind the scene. (more…)

Graphene Mobile Neo