This site was born so long ago that I didn’t remember exactly when it was.

At the beginning, it was just a playground for me to familiarise myself with the basics of web development. All of my web development career started with a quick, 2-hour tutorial about the basics of HTML and CSS by my sister, who is now the co-founder and director of Stampede Design.

Since then, like a spark landing on tinder, a fire was kindled and so began my forage into the web development industry.

Fresh out of the primordial soup, this site was nothing but a static collection of HTML pages, rocking a few lost visitors now and then. I wish I can show you how it looked like then, but that record has long since been lost.

Today, this site serves as a platform for me to express my thoughts and musings and the occassional pondering in the shower. It also serves as a platform to showcase and advertise my web development work. And everything else in between.

About the author

My name is Syahir Hakim, and I’m a training Mechanical Engineer. Web development started out for me as a hobby that has since bloomed into a serious endeavour. It provides me with an outlet far from the meticulous and complicated nature of my engineering career.

When not perched on my workspace, I tremendously enjoy hiking in the bushes and climbing mountains. They serve as much-needed refuges from the pretense of cities.